Sunday, August 16, 2009

Days Gone By

What a week! I don't even really know how to put the past few days into words. As many of you know one of my very best friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 11th and on August 13th Baby Reese went to be with Jesus. If you haven't already seen her pictures please go here to look. She's precious and I love her. My friend Jenny and I have been in Fayetteville since Friday to spend time with Katie. We're staying until tomorrow evening after the services. The Lord has truly blessed our time here. We've been able to spend lots of time with our friend talking about Reese, looking at pictures, laughing, crying, and everything in between. Tomorrow is going to be a very tough day for the family and for all of us. I just ask that you lift tomorrow up in prayer. That the Lord will continue to strengthen Katie and Jason, that Reese will be honored in a wonderful way, that people will see Jesus in everything that takes place, and that a peace which surpasses all understanding will fall strongly on the hearts of the ones Reese left behind.

On a much lighter note, I did get to spend time yesterday with some of my favorite girls. Let me just say they are huge blessings to me. I so much needed to see Laurie and Kelly and their girls! I love you all!

And to Shannon who has let Jenny and I invade her home. Thank you so much! You're a true friend!

Ok...I will post more when I get home. Thanks in advance for praying!


Jenna said...

Hillary, I am praying for your sweet sweet friends. My heart has just been so heavy for the Rowe's and all of their family and friends. I know it meant so much to Katie to have you come. Praying for you all as ya'll go through this difficult time.

Laurie said...

Well said post Hillary. I love you and enjoyed seeing you!

Lauren Kelly said...

I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through and glad you got to spend time with your girls :)

Diane said...

Hillary, I'm one of Jason's cousins... been "following" your blog for a while - especially since our love for the Razorbacks appears to be fairly equal! Anyway, you looked beautiful. I know Jason and Katie have appreciated your love and prayers!

Leigh Ann said...

I was so sad to hear the news about Reese. I have been praying for Katie and her family every time I think of her (which is A LOT)! I know it meant a lot to her to have you there.