Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Update: I heard from the nurse yesterday and the MRI results came back clear! Praise the Lord! Thanks again and again for all your prayers! Right now the doctor wants me to take my medicine a couple weeks and see if I have any relief. Lyrica is what the prescribed me. Some of you might be on it as well. It's for fibromyalgia (sp) and nerve pain for diabetics. It has been used in other instances so they are hoping it will help my headaches since they still feel it is caused by my nerves. And yes, I sure stress has something to do with it unfortunately these aren't like typical stress headaches which is why they are trying other things. I told them I would gladly accept a prescription of taking off work for a couple months if they could get my insurance company to pay for it. Haven't heard back about that so I'm sure they are still working on it.
Thanks again for all your prayers! I'll let you know if and when they figure out the cause of this madness.

Also, the Easter Bunny left something for my sister and myself. Hers is the left side of the table and mine is the right! Josh got one too but the Easter Bunny came a day early for him!

I started off Good Friday by taking the day off from work! I had to start some medication and knew that it was probably going to make me a little out of it. I was right, it did. I'm still out of it! But not working on Friday was a smart choice. It was wonderful! Josh was off too so he was able to come a day earlier to hang out! I loved having him around an extra day. My goal that day was to bake my friendship bread Katie had given me to start 10 days earlier.

I had a lot of fun making the break and making a mess.

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the finished product. I thought I had but guess not. They turned out beautiful and delicious. Josh took a loaf to some of the guys in his seminary classes and apparently they enjoyed it! I'm making chocolate next time.

Friday afternoon Josh and I went to eat at McAlister's, went to Old Navy and then headed to my sister's house to spend the weekend with my family. Upon arrival my mother shared with me one of our favorite sweets, sugar cookies from Paul's Bakery. Yum!

Josh and I made a Wal-mart run then went to pick up dinner. While at Wal-mart I spotted our dessert for the evening.


We got take out from one of the best restaurants in Alma.

Josh and I took a picture of ourselves while we waited on our food.
For the rest of the evening we just hung out, ate, watched basketball and made fun of my dad. Pretty much a typical night with my family.

Saturday was a big day for us. We planned to meet with the lady that is going to make my "cake", meet with another person to work on the menu for the wedding, check out the rehearsal dinner location, and take pictures and measurements of the reception area. We had lots to do so we stopped at McDonald's for a pick me up to start the day off.

Here is my dad placing our order. This is always a fun time for us because he is terrible at it. He gets tongue tied every time and it stresses him out. We have some major outbursts of laughter and embarrassment in times past. He actually didn't pretty good on Saturday.

We started our list of things to do by stopping by the rehearsal dinner location. It's going to be great. Casual and laid back which is what I want. I'll share more on that later. Next we went to meet with Susan. She's going to make my cakes.

My mom and Susan

Actually I am having a cupcake wedding cake. I'm sure that comes as a huge surprise to all of you. I think it is quite obvious that I love cupcakes. It only seemed natural that I would have those for my wedding cake. Susan was great! She does a great job and they are so yummy. She made us a dozen cupcakes so she could play around with the icing and colors.

Next we met with Brandy to talk about the food. She was very helpful and I think we have our menu figured out. It should be yummy!

Mom, Courtney, and Me

Dad, Josh, and the acorn pillow

After we got all of that settled we were hungry ourselves. We had to wait for a table so we decided to enjoy the scenery.

Isn't the view gorgeous? If you think this looks good just wait until you see the view from the ceremony. It's amazing!

After a long day of wedding planning we went back to my sister's house to relax, eat, watch basketball, and of course, pick on my dad. Josh decided he needed a cupcake from earlier and thought it would be great to eat it in one bite.

Next it was Easter Sunday. What a great day! God is good! And how awesome to celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead and that He lives today!

I was still really out of it due to the medication but was excited to see the Easter Bunny had dropped in.

Chloe was glad the Easter Bunny came too.

One of Chloe's favorite things are Easter eggs. She loves them so much and is hilarious to watch as she plays with them. The Easter Bunny brought her her very own basket.

She tuckered out pretty quickly

As you can see I had a great weekend! I still don't have the results of the MRI. I'm hoping to find out tomorrow. Like I mentioned earlier I have been on a new medicine that has me very drowsy and pretty much out of it. It's getting a little better but I have to plan it around driving to work because with it I am unable to drive. Fortunately my headaches have been a little better so maybe they are on to something. Thanks again for your prayers. I'll let you know when I know something.


Kelly said...

That cupcake ice cream looks SOOOO good! I love the "B" on the cupcakes - those are going to be so cute!
The Easter Bunny at your house ROCKS - what cute stuff you got!!!!
I love RED ROOSTER!!! Their pie and bread is the best!!!
Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! There was a ton to comment on.
Oh and I love Chloe!

magnoliabelle said...

I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading and just got updated on all of your headaches and tests. I am so sorry you are feeling icky. You are definitely in my prayers!!

I hope you enjoyed the first weekend of the tourney as much as I did! The friendship bread looks great!

Heather said...

I love friendship bread. We finally had to stop making it because it was multiplying faster than we could give it away. And, when it takes that good, you don't want to let it go to waste!

The cupcakes look delicious and very cute!

I'm glad that the medicine is working for you. I know from experience how awful headaches can be. I'm praying for you!

Melissa said...

the cupcake is a cute idea! sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend. good luck with the medicine, sounds not so fun!

Megan said...

What a cute little puppy. I wish I had some of those cookies right now. My Dad hates ordering at the drive thru, too!

Carrie said...

Chloe is so cute!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

My dad LOVES to put bunny ears on us in pictures too, and he thinks he's hilarious!

Praying for you!

Did the Easter bunny bring those cute green outfits? What good taste!

Caroline said...

What a great weekend!!!!!! so fun for me to hear the wedding list update. The picture of you with the beautiful what a breath-taking place to get can't help but praise Him there!!!!! the cupcakes look amazing. your easter gift is calling my i love that they have that color in everything. YOU WILL BE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!! CONGRATS

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Looks like you all had a great Easter! I love the pictures. :) I got a friendship bread starter, too. It is sooo delicious!

Serah said...

What a fun weekend! I just love that you're having a cupcake wedding cake! I can't think of anything more fun.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Robyn Beele said...

That is so cute that you got your dog an Easter "basket." He looked so happy! Hope everything goes well with you MRI.

Leigh Ann said...

I think the cupcake cake sounds FANTASTIC! The one Josh ate looked so cute with the "B" on it and I loved the lime green! Derek is terrible at drive thrus, too. What is up with that? Ha!

Guy & Julie said...

Hope you feel better! The wedding plans all look like so much fun. The Red Rooster is one of my top 2-3 very favorite restaurants. We even got the Stamps hooked on it a few years ago :)

Laurie said...

The Easter cookies were so very cute. Too cute to eat. Red Rooster is a great place to eat! Ordering at a drive-thru chaws Russell to death! Chloe is such a precious pup.

sas said...

I LOVE McAlisters!!! We don't have one here but they have the best chicken salad and sweet tea! Did you get 2 outfits and Easter baskets or was one for someone else! I got those shorts too!

Shannon said...

I was cracking up laughing as soon as I saw the picture of your dad ordering food!!!!! It brought back memories of the Sonic incident on the way to Orange Beach!

walkers said...

you are such a good blogger I feel like I live down the hall from you again except all grown up. yum on the cupcakes!

Jennifer said...

So awesome to hear the tests came back with great results! I was just thinking about that when I sat down to check out blogs tonight. :)

Praise God!