Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Apologies!

I have done a terrible job of keeping up with my blog! I'm sorry! I guess I'm just not quite used to it. I hope to get better in the coming days, weeks, etc. Not to mention it has been a crazy week. I'm sure we've all been busy! Most people I talk to these days are "busy" all the time. Yes, mine has been busy but it has been a little different for other reasons. On Sunday afternoon my roommate informed me that the father of one of our closest childhood friends had passed away. As you can imagine shock was the apparent emotion for a while and to be honest it still is. Fortunately his passing was very peaceful. He took a nap on Sunday afternoon and never woke up. I'm comforted knowing he didn't suffer but my heart breaks for all of the people he left behind. I grew up in a small town, population 3000ish ,so as you might have guessed everyone knew everyone. And everyone sure did know and love Bob Woolsey. That was evident at the visitation last night. He was a great man! He and his family owned and ran a local pharmacy in town. I spent many afternoons and summers at "the drugstore." His daughter Lisa and I were the best of friends starting at an early age. There are very few childhood memories I have that don't include her or her family. The Lord has blessed me so much with wonderful friendships at every stage of my life and Lisa is certainly one of those blessings! I am grieved by what this precious family is going through but thank goodness Mr. Bob was saved! That has given his family comfort and hope during this tragic time. Lisa told me last night she is so thankful for salvation because it means she, as well as her family, will see Mr. Bob again. Until then I pray for strength to surround them and peace to fill their hearts. If you think about it would you please say a prayer for them as well? I know God will use this for His GLORY!


Kelly said...

Oh how sad! I am so sorry about this. It must be so hard on their family.