Thursday, July 28, 2011


About a month or so ago Josh and I bought Sadie a jumperoo with some gift cards she had received. We couldn't decide between that or the exersaucer. We went with the jumperoo because she is constantly moving and kicking her legs so we figured it would be good to let her jump around. She wasn't even 3 months when we got it so she was way too small at first. She would sit it in and look at everything but that was it. Although she's still too small lately we've put her in there for longer periods of time and she loves it. Today we stayed home all day so she played in it a lot. In fact at one point she almost fell asleep in it. I had to stuff a blanket in the seat with her and give her something for her feet to reach but it worked great. Here are several pictures of her fun day. She looks so grown up in these pictures and her ears crack me up! I love them!

P.S. I resize my pictures before I blog them so that I don't run out of photo space but by doing that the pictures aren't that great. Any suggestions on how I can correct this or what size I should blog them at? Maybe I shouldn't resize so small?!


Kristin said...

oh my sweet goodness!! she is a doll!

Ashley said...

I love that she is getting more and more hair. And it's light! Were y'all blonde when you were little? She is so, so precious. And I love that your title is "Jump! Jump!" That's what we say to David the entire time he's in his. And that's what he does-jumps his little tail off!

Rebekah said...

That is the best purchase you could make!!! Cilla loved her' was just like that! She spent more time in it than in anything else. Heck, she still gets in it when I pull it out for the babies! Silly girl!

Jen said...

she is SOOOO cute!!! I used to put phone-books and such under my girls feet :)

if you add your pics into flickr or photobucket {both free} first then copy the html code directly into your post, you don't worry about running out of pic space. And with flickr {maybe photobucket too} you can make your free account private and load them and its MUCH harder to 'steal' pics, with your right-click disabled.

Bethany said...

You won't ever regret choosing a jumperoo! She will love it for a long time and it will help her to burn some energy as she gets bigger.

How do you re-size your photos? I'd love to be able to do that. I'm pretty lame in the computer knowledge department :)