Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Are you READY??

I AM READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Razorback football kicks off this Saturday, September 4th! I am so excited! Everyone thinks this is going to be a "special" year for the Hogs. I'm going into the season believing good things will happen but I'm not going to get so worked up about it that I can't enjoy the sport. I love this time of year. You can just smell college football in the air. I can't wait for my Saturdays to be filled with College Game Day (although I don't have cable so I will have to be creative). I love when I have back to back SEC games to watch all day long. Oh happiness indeed!! I hope you are ready to. Ready or not here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lauren said...

GO GATORS, haha!!!!!!! :)

Julia said...

go sooners and go canes from my husband!!!any new creations???
superhero kind my 4 year old boys bday is in oct??

Diane said...

I'm ready - and so excited! Whoo Pig Sooie!