Monday, September 27, 2010

The Big Game

This past weekend was "the big game." The game all Razorback fans have been looking forward to for a while. It was even sweeter going in as the #10 team playing the #1 team. There was so much hype and excitement all week long leading up the the event. I was so excited and nervous I could hardly stand it. After work on Friday Josh and I grabbed our tickets and head to Clarksville/Lamar.

We went and saw Josh's grandpa who has been in the hospital and then we went to dinner with two of his cousins and their wives. Josh and I don't get to see his family as often as we'd like to so it was great to spend time with them.

Tillman and Camden eating the lemon out of my cup.

Josh, Nathan, and Tanner

Amy and baby Whit

Sweet Emersyn...who's birthday happens to be April 16th, my due date.
We had a lot of fun at dinner. Josh and his cousins are all close in age so when we get together its always a good time. Sometimes I wish we lived closed so we could see each other more. I'm so thankful Josh and I are blessed with great families. After dinner we headed to Josh's mom's house and stayed up talking with her and his sister for a while. It was nice being able to catch up. We couldn't stay up too late though because we had to be up early the next day for GAME DAY! We met my parent's at my sister's house and headed up the "hill". The weather was really nice and cool. What a relief. It was perfect for tailgating.

Mom and Dad

My Cute Hubby

Me and my swollen does that happen so early in pregnancy?? UGH!

We all sat around for a while then we went to pick up Charlie's Chicken and head up to our next tailgate spot. My parent's friends always have a happening tailgate and its a lot of fun to see so many people.

Here's part of the group at one time during the day.

What's a tailgate without the hog call?


We had a visit from my friend Shannon and her parents. When I was in Fayetteville Jerry and Cozelle were parents to me up there. I just love them tons and I was thrilled to get to see them.

Soon enough the time had come for us to clean up and head to the stadium. At this point I started getting really nervous. I could hardly think straight.

Josh lent a helping hand. He's so nice! :) Eventually I drug Josh away from being so helpful so we could go to our seats. Our seats were farther away than everyone else's so we needed to hit the road. On our walk over I notice the lawn outside the stadium was packed.

If you sit up high enough you can see the game without having to buy a ticket. There were people everywhere.

Finally we were in our seats

...Home of the Razorbacks. Its good to be home. The pregame was a lot of fun.

We got to see the Goodyear Blimp.

We called the HOGS!

The band played.

I love our band. Here they are in their "U of A" formation. But then we had a great surprise! Our ROTC organized for there to be parachute jumpers. One would bring the American Flag, another would bring the Arkansas flag, and the last one would bring the game ball.

The American Flag was first.

The Arkansas flag was second.

The game ball was last. WOOHOO!

Next, the BAMA players came filing out and I proceeded to yell "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Oh don't judge, you know you do it too! But that's ok because when the opponents come out it only means one thing is about to happen...

...the hogs are about to make their presence known by...

...running through the sacred "A". GO HOGS! Let the game begin.

And what pregame ritual is complete without the exploding of the opponent's helmet by all the little razorbacks. I feel tears forming in my eyes at the thought of it.
The first half of the game was great! I mean there were some unfortunate mistakes but regardless we owned the game and Nick Saban and crew were quite flustered. Loved it! There are few people I like less than Nick. Bless his heart.

Half time score.
Unfortunately my little Razorbacks had a hard time playing all 4 quarters. The defense was on the field way too long and the offense just couldn't connect. And why Mallet, with his freak of an arm, couldn't get the ball out of bounds (instead it went into the hands of a Bama player) I'll never know. Although I'm partial I do believe we were the better team. Had we played the way we SHOULD have there would have been a different outcome. And Mark Ingram, I know you aren't reading this, but shame on you and the way you acted in the last few seconds of the game! I had a great view of your irrational behavior. I'm sure you were mad that you only had one big run on our defense all day. I mean being the Heisman winner and all I'm sure you expected more but seriously, settle down. Your team was about to win the game so your outburst (I'm sure it was somewhat provoked) was uncalled for.
Final Score. Good job, Alabama! You won the game and for that I commend you. You did play hard and I know us loud fans didn't make it easy for you. I even lost my voice as a result. Anyway, I would like for you to win every other game for the rest of the season. If you beat us I want you to beat them all. However, if that's not going to happen please lose to LSU and Auburn so when we beat both of them we'll still go to the SEC Championship. Thank a bunch!
To my beloved Razorbacks, I still love you! I'd like for you to keep your head in the game for the duration and if you do that you'll be unstoppable. Mallet, shake it off. Interceptions happen and you can't help it if your receivers drop some balls. Stay strong and do what you do best. Hocker, (that's our field goal and extra point kicker) thank you for making field goals and extra points and giving the fans and the players some confidence. You've been a long time coming.
Until next time...WOOOOOOO PIG SOOOIE!!!!!!!!!!!


RachelM said...

Great post Hillary! Love your replay of the game! Don't feel embarrassed at booing..I was doing it from my couch at the TV! I can't believe we lost either!! I was for sure that we were going to pull off a win...
I'm with you, though. Now I'm hoping Alabama wins all their games!

Robin said...

I love this post!!! I'm a friend of Kelly's (we met at Harper's party) and I agree with everything you said! I LOVE the Hogs and was so sad :( I didn't see what Ingram did towards the end of the game but now I'm curious. I hate to lose but I hate it even more to see bad sportmanship. Oh and congratulations!!!

Fran said...

I love every single picture. I hate the final score. I'm still sad.

Lauren said...

Y’all so should have had this game. They played soooooo hard and I’m not even a Razorback but was so proud of them!