Friday, September 3, 2010

Sewing orders

I have a feeling there are a few people that have emailed me about orders and I haven't responded! I'm sorry if this is this case. I only check my email on my phone and I'm not convinced it doesn't mark some emails as "read" that haven't been read. And I know I have found emails in my trash folder that I never read. So...if you haven't heard from me please email me back! And please forgive me for not responding to you!
Have a great weekend!!

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Lori said...

Do you have a list or examples of what you sew? I just saw your blog today and I loved the dress! Lori

Rebekah said...

Dont't forget about me!!!!!! I have not emailed you, but Cilla hopes she is on your "to do" list!

Jan said...

I love your sewing. I am working on 9 super cute aprons for my girls' teachers. (Christmas) I am monogramming and lining them. They are SO sassy! I will post pictures soon.

Heather said...

I got my jewelry pouch in the mail today and I LOVE IT!! it is SO perfect! thank you thank you!!!! I cant wait to order some for my friends!!! thanks again!!! :)