Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

Josh and I have had a great weekend! It all started with dinner at my parent's house on Friday. Some of my family from Tennessee came into town and it was so good to see them. The sad thing about the whole weekend is that I had my camera with me at all times but took hardly any pictures of my family. So sad.

Here's Josh waiting to eat!

Not the best lighting but here's me and my cute husband.

The guys...discussing either golf or SEC football. What else is there for guys to talk about?!?!

The meal was sooo good and the company was even better. Josh and I had to leave a little early so I could get a few things done at home.
Saturday morning we went to breakfast, of course.
Can you tell where we are eating in this picture? Don't let the coffee fool you. We're actually at Panera. Yes, I did take my Starbucks to Panera. I've gotten into a bad habit of wanting breakfast at PB but wanting my coffee from SB.
After breakfast I ran a few errands, Josh went to his sister's softball game then we both went to a wedding. Not just any wedding but the wedding of our children's pastor. Josh and I have been excited about this day for a LONG TIME! Aaron and Shannon are so great together and I'm glad to have another partner in crime....i.e. another minister's wife.
Everything was really pretty.

I along with my buddy Ethan were in charge of the punch.

Here's our other help. I was so proud of some of our youth for helping with the dishes and everything. They also drank a lot of punch and ate a lot of cake.

Notice Josh's sleeves are rolled up. That's because he did most of the dishes during the reception. I think he really enjoys the high powered dish washer we have in the kitchen.
Good bye Aaron and Shannon! Happy Honeymoon!
After the wedding Josh and I went home, changed clothes, then headed back to my parent's house for more family fun. A group of 11 of us went to dinner and had a good time. There were two tables, the adults and the kids. Josh and I sat with my cousin David and our friends Brian and Sydney who are engaged.

Sydney and Brian
After dinner the group sat around my parent's house and talked it up. Josh and I stayed for a while then we headed home to go to bed. I love my family and am so glad we got to spend time with them and some family friends. I can't wait until we can do it all again. We're thinking the AR vs Ole Miss (they are OM fans) game next year is a good time for a meet up. See you guys at the Grove!
SIDE NOTE: A lot of you have asked me about the fonts I used to embroider. I will post about those this week.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!!

I forget you know Bryan Ross! Josh and I went to OBU with him and with Jenny until she left. Josh and Bryan lived next door to each other in the same apartment complex, too. Small world!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a good weekend! You looked so pretty at the wedding!
and I love that you and Josh always go eat breakfast! :-)

Jess :) said...

Looks like you had an AWESOME weekend!!! :) You are so beautiful!

I also LOVE the fact that you take your SB to PB! Totally something I would do...being as though I can't be without my SB!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Love the weekend recap! I don't feel quite as far away then! You and Josh are such a cute couple!! Great pics!

Audra said...

Shannon was in Tri Chi with me when I was at OBU! I didn't even realize she was getting married!

Laurie said...

I love your pink dress!

Lauren Kelly said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Beautiful dress you wore to the wedding!! Starbucks and Panera, that's the best of bot worlds!! :)

Mommy Nash said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and just wanted to say I enjoy reading it! I live in South Arkansas, and have started sewing recently too (little girl stuff...I have two small daughters). I have enjoyed seeing what all you make and the fabrics you're using...CUTE STUFF!!! I'm anxious to hear how your store start up goes, as I've considered the same thing. Good luck with that!

Also, you looked beautiful at the wedding...that dress was precious.

The Bunch Fam! said...

Completely ridiculous. I hate it. And yes, I'm now on a rampage. I can't tell you how many times I go in there and it's empty. EMPTY! ALL FOUR CARAFFES! Even the nasty flavored stuff that I don't know how people drink. And while I'm on this rampage. Their service is getting ridiculously slow. The line is invariably out the door and there is one sixteen year-old boy working the counter.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

You look so pretty in that pink and white dress! I miss going to weddings. I guess we've moved out of that stage in life since most of our friends married now. Now it's nothing but baby showers. :)