Sunday, November 25, 2007


Holcombe-Faye is the name of my Christmas tree. Yes, I realize that naming a tree is a little strange not to mention the name I picked out. It all started with my old roommate Megan. It was the first year in our apartment and we wanted to put up a tree. Neither of us had any money to spend on a nice one so we went to Target and got the cheapest one we could find. It was a beauty! We were watching a football game while decorating it and we kept hearing the name Ray-Ray mentioned over and over. We decided it was the appropriate name to call our tree. Ray-Ray brought much joy to our Christmas celebrations for years to come. Then the time came for Megan to get married and me to buy a house and get my own tree. As I was decorating it, instead of watching a football game I was watching a basketball game. The name Holcombe-Faye was announced multiple times and I just knew it had to be the name of my tree. It was more of a tribute to Megan and Ray-Ray than anything. But each year Holcombe-Faye brings new Christmas joy to my house. Yesterday it was time to get him out of his box and let him stretch. Josh helped me get him into the house but after that it was all me.

Josh read most of the afternoon...

...while I worked on the decorating.

I tuckered out before it was all finished so I still have more to work on later today.


His Doorkeeper said...

Holcome-Faye will look just great all dressed out! I think naming your tree is so funny! Do you name your houseplants also??

Kelly said...

Your house looks very festive already!!!

Ang baylis said...

Holcombe-Faye! So funny! Now I'll have to think of a name for mine! Josh looks SO relaxed! And I couldn't help but notice what he is reading! Great book! I'd rather have my husband read that than help me with the decorating any time!
Have fun enjoying Holcombe-Faye... it's FAB!
Angie xoxo

Fran said...

Ok..that is the cutest thing I've ever heard of...we haven't named our tree and honestly, I'm surprised we haven't. We do crazy things like that too.

Anyway, there is still much to be done around here. I'm moving in slow motion. I think I get a little overwhelmed and I can't remember where stuff goes. :)


Megan said...

Hillary that's funny to name your Christmas tree! I put one of ours up last week before we left town for Thanksgiving. Guess I could a picture of the tree on my blog and why we're putting up two.