Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

Not to be misleading but there really isn't much to recap about the last couple of days (garage sale and sinus infection pretty much sum it up) so I'm really recapping LAST weekend.

Last weekend Josh, Sadie, and I hit the road to Northwest Arkansas for a visit. We stayed at our friend Lizann's house. When we got there I was worried Sadie would be a bear because she was so tired. She was the exact opposite.

Here she is playing with toys. She LOVES this squeaky bunny.

And for those of you wondering, Sadie sits up really well on her own but sometimes when she's tired she'll fall back for no reason. I decided to bust out the boppy for times like these. :)

Our friends Heather and Daniel came over for a visit.

It was a fun, relaxing evening.

That night, however, was not so relaxing. Sadie went to bed but woke up screaming 30 minutes later. She has never acted like that at bed time. It took me a while to think teething might be the problem but 20 minutes after motrin she was a new child. Luckily the rest of the weekend she was a great sleeper.

Friday morning we met up with some friends for lunch. It was a mini-blogger meet up.

Laurie, Leah, Niki, Lauren, Whitney, Me & Sadie, Amanda & Lela, Jennifer & Jillian, Kelly & Hollis

Lauren was in town from Florida so several of us got together. It was such a fun time.

I was worried Sadie would be a bear since she barely slept the night before but overall she did really well.

After lunch I dropped Sadie off with Josh to nap and I went to see my BFF Katie. I don't know why I didn't take her picture.It was so good seeing her. She does my heart good!

Later Friday night my friend Shannon stopped by to see us.
Shannon is such a good friend. She drove the 3 hour drive to see Sadie the day after she was born to only turn around and drive back home shortly after. She's a good friend. I'm glad I was able to see her on our weekend trip. There is just never enough time though.

On Saturday we all got up and went to the U of A campus so Sadie could have her picture (with my sister's kids) taken. The trees were gorgeous and the weather was perfect. I can't wait to see how they turned out.

After pictures we gathered our things from Lizann's house and headed out for the main event of the weekend.

(Thanks again, Lizann, for letting us stay.)

Josh's cousin Ashley was getting married. We've been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. The wedding was on campus at the University of Arkansas and it was beautiful. My pictures are random. I wish I would have taken more but I didn't.

This is the only decent picture I got of Ashley and Sara. Sara looked beautiful. I'm so happy for she and Ashley.
Our friends Holly and Justin were at the wedding too. Holly is pregnant with Sadie's friend, Lily Beth. We are very excited about her arrival in February. Sadie can't wait to play with her.

Josh's cousin Logan and his wife, Crystal

Josh's mom and sister with his aunt Diana and her friend.

Josh's aunt Darlene, cousin Tanner, and his wife Amy

Josh enjoyed playing with the kids while we waited for pictures of the bridal party to be finished.

Josh and I stayed at the reception for a little while then headed home.
We had such a great weekend with friends and family. I hope to go back and visit NWA very soon!


Kodi said...

I was so confused because I was reading Ashley and thinking bride, not groom! I have a male cousin named Ashley too! Sadie is so cute in her candy corn outfit!

Maydelin said...

Sadie is so sweet!!!