Saturday, April 14, 2012

12 Months

Sadie, you are 12 months old! That is a whole year! How is that possible? I remember this day a year ago like it was yesterday. I can't believe how much you have changed. You aren't the easiest person to photograph anymore. You wanted to play with the sticker on your shirt rather than look at the camera and smile. I think we'll be done with stickers for now.
You weigh between 23-24 pounds. I can't remember the exact weight but I know it fluctuated. I didn't get your height because at your 12 month well visit you were very sick so the routine things were put aside aside in order to determine what was wrong with you.

Sadie still aren't walking but you definitely get where you need to go by cruising and standing on your own. It is only a matter of time before you are a walker. Scary.
You are a great eater and have started drinking some milk during the day. You aren't quite sure about it but you like it. You love all kinds of food. Your favorite things to eat are cheese, yogurt, carrots, any kind of fruit, corn, chicken quesadillas, and many more things. The only thing you don't like are bananas. We've tried peanut butter a few times and you love it. One time we tried it and you had it and later on you had a small rash. We are waiting a little longer to give you it again just in case it was an allergic reation. We are pretty confident it wasn't but better to be on the safe side.
You wear a size 4 diaper.
You wear size 12 month clothes.
You still take 2 naps when we aren't at school and you sleep from 7 to 7. You love to sleep with your bunny and blankie plus a few books. You love your bed. Even if you aren't tired I can put you in your crib and you will "read" books until you fall asleep. When you wake up in the mornings you "read" some more until I come get you.
Your favortie toys right now are books, babies, your kitchen, flash cards, tupperware, your teapot, and your purse. You really love it when I let you get in the tupperware cabinet and go to town. 
You are into EVERYTHING. 
You love to watch your Nick Jr video and you still like Praise Baby. More than any of these though you LOVE TO TALK. I am amazed at your vocabulary. You say so many things there is no way I can list them here. Every day you add more words to your list.
You still love to dance and you have lots of really good moves. You would sit and watch Fresh Beat Band all day long if I would let you.
You are still obsessed with Jules and your daddy but luckily you love your momma a lot too. You rarely cry when I drop you off in the nursery and it never lasts long. You are easily distracted. You enjoy playing with your friends so much you forget I was even there.

Sadie, you are the sweetest one year old I have ever met. You have brought more joy to your daddy and I over this last year than what should be allowed. You are so much fun and I love getting to spend all my days with you. I know this next year you'll learn so many new things. It will be a blast to watch. I also know it will go by WAY too fast.
I love you a bushel and a peck!