Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recipes, Pajamas, and Toys

This is a VERY random post but there are a few random things I wanted to share.


In effort to lose weight I've been trying to plan healthier meals. I've mentioned on here before I had been hearing a lot about the SkinnyTaste website so I started there for good ideas.

This weekend I made this and these.

Both were hits in our home. The chili was even better the next day.

I will admit I was a little unsure about the cupcakes. When I know something is "diet" I tend to be a little judgemental. Josh, however, wasn't judgemental towards them at all and he LOVED them. He told me today he wants me to make them again. They really are good!

I have two more recipes from this website I'm trying this week and I plan to try even more.


Sadie's Christmas pajamas came in yesterday and they ARE SO CUTE!!! Actually they might be too cute for her to sleep in. I almost want to put her in them today. They came from here and so I knew they'd be cute. Everything from Ashley is cute!


I gave Sadie a new toy to play with yesterday. She thought it was the best toy. You can't see it here because she is swinging it back and forth so fast.

It's an empty water bottle.

Another reason she will not be getting new, expensive toys for Christmas.

Hope everyone has a great week!!


Diane said...

Michael loves water bottles. Ha! Babies are so silly. :-)

Kerri Dunsworth said...

I have found the best toys are water bottles, Tupperware, large plastic spoons, etc. I joke to our family that for Christmas/birthdays, they should just skip the toy section and go straight to the kitchenware section.

Sadie is adorable! She seems like such a happy baby!

The Cantelmo Family said...

I love skinny tastes. I just found your blog! Love the design

Bethany said...

Ashley posted a pic of those PJs on facebook or twitter and I had a strong feeling they were for YOU! I LOVE them! She will be super cute wearing them for Christmas.

All Sadie needs under the tree are a few pots and pans from your kitchen, a metal spoon so that it makes noise in the pots and pans, a towel with fringe on the ends to explore and a bunch of tissue paper to tear up. No need for expensive toys that they tire of after a day or two :) You are so right!

Thanks for sharing the recipes too. I'm back "on" w/ my own diet and will need any and all recommendations you have!

Melanie said...

Sadie is adorable! I love Skinny Taste. Try the pineapple cupcakes. They're awesome! I also like the baked ziti recipe she has. Try Hungry Girl too. I LOVE her peanut butter pie. Also, if you like bananas, try cutting them up into chunks and freezing them - then throw them in the food processor and blend for some YUMMY ice cream. Zero points and has the same consistency as regular ice cream. Good stuff!

Andrea said...

Those pajamas are sooo cute, I might have to make some similar!! I will have to try the water bottle as a toy, I bet it's a hit!