Monday, May 2, 2011

Must Haves

At this stage of being a mommy there are several things that have made my life much easier. I know this list will change as we go along but for now these are my must haves.

The My Breast Friend pillow is so wonderful. Although I'm not nursing anymore I couldn't have lived without it while I was. I didn't think I'd like it any better than the Boppy but it is so much better for breast feeding. The baby is very supported on it and it gives you freedom to move around if you need to. It also helps the baby stay latched without so much effort from
yourself. If you plan to breast feed, get one!

The Boppy is another essential. Actually Josh uses it more than I do. He uses it daily. It's pretty funny to see because it's bright pink. It's great for giving Sadie bottles. We laid her on it for the first time last night and although she's a little too small for that I can tell she'll like it.

The pump. I don't think I realized how bonded I would become with this. We are inseparable. :) Since I no longer nurse I pump 7 times a day in order to feed Sadie. Thanks, Katie for letting me borrow it.

Itzbeen timer. This is definitely a must have for the first few weeks. It keeps up with diaper changes, feedings, sleeping, and nursing. It's wonderful because you can't remember what time you fed last (at first) or which side you nursed on. Even though Sadie is on a more consistent feeding schedule I still use it. I even use the extra button to track when I pump.

Oh paci, how I love you! I was worried at first that Sadie wouldn't take a paci. I'm so thankful we found one kind she would take. These Avent pacis are the only ones she likes. They have saved us. I only wish she knew how to put them back in her mouth. She tries but she's not successful.

Gripe water. Our lactation consultant told us about this. It's said to help with gas and hiccups. I'm not sure about the gas part but the second we give it to Sadie for hiccups they go away. We love it and she loves it. She doesn't get mad when she has hiccups but they keep her from sleeping so they need to be taken care of. :)

Bouncy seat. Many of you told me I'd need this and you are right! Sadie actually sleeps in it at night. We are going to work on getting her in her crib during naps so we can transition easier into the crib at night. She loves her bouncy. I don't know what we'd do without it.

Receiving blankets. We got tons of these for gifts and I figured we wouldn't use them all that much but I was wrong. Since Sadie is still little we roll them up as support for her in her bouncy and swing. I also carry one with me to put on her changing pad. I feel like I always need one close by.

Cradle-n-swing. My parents let us borrow this to see if Sadie liked it and she does. She's too small for the traditional swings (she sits awkward in them) but this one is perfect for her. It rocks from left to right but I don't think she cares.

Swaddle blankets. Love these. Sadie doesn't like when I swaddle her because she prefers her arms up but once she's all snug and cozy she likes it. Swaddling helps her sleep because it keeps her hands away from her face. Before I swaddled her with her arms up but she kept waking herself up. We have tried a couple of different kinds but the Summer swaddles are the best for her at this point. There are others I think we'll like when she gets bigger.

White noise CD. I think I like this more than Sadie does. She's such a loud, noisy sleeper and since she's in our room this helps with the noise. Plus I think it's a good clue to her that it's bedtime. She doesn't nap with it on but we do turn it on at night.

Night lights. I can't take credit for these because they were Josh's idea. We put up blackout shades in our room and Sadie's room because they get the afternoon sun. The shades are great but they make things very dark. Josh strategically placed night lights in our apartment so that at night we can get around without turning on the overhead lights. They've been fabulous!

These are just a few things that have made our lives easier. I'll be adding to this list soon I'm sure!


Superchikk said...

I would agree with all of those, and will add one thing: dimmer switch. I put one in Caedmon's room when I got tired of fumbling in the dark to turn on a lamp that was always too bright. Now we have them in his and Honor's rooms and LOVE them. They were seriously life-changing. Definitely a must-have for us!

Lindsay said...

I need to get some of that gripe water! And I also still need to get a MBF!!

Katie said...

You are more than welcome, Hil! Glad ya'll have bonded. What does it "say" to you? Remember us talking about that?

Another MUST have for when Sadie is a few months older. A sleep sack! Love love love this because Colson is always warm and cozy and I don't have to worry about him putting a blanket over his face or getting tangled up in one. It's awesome.

Shannon let us borrow Westin's at first, and I was hooked. He may wear one until he is two. ; )

Love you! You are a wonderful mom. Sadie is very luck to have you and Josh. ; )

Lauren said...

I'm with Katie and Shannon. Sleep sack when she's done with the swaddle! They even make them in big sizes with legs for once they are walking (although keep her in the non-walking one for as long as possible so maybe she won't climb out of the crib). You know how Katie said Colson might be in his 'til he's two--well S was two in December and he sleeps in his every night. I never worry if he's kicked off all his blankets. =)