Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Ties

Last weekend we took Sadie to meet some of her Daddy's family. She had a great time and did really well the entire time. She is so blessed to have so much family that loves her.

Here she is dressed and ready to go.

Josh's Granny is so good with her. She has 3 girls of her own and several grandchildren and great grandchildren so it is no wonder.

This is Josh's aunt Darlene. I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures of everyone. I still don't know how to work my camera very well when there isn't much natural lighting. I don't know how to work it well period. I'm going to learn. Anyone want to teach me? Anyway, so sorry for the family members that will be left out.

Till wanted to check her out too.

Amy (Till and Whitman's mom) held her so I could eat lunch. What a blessing that was. :)

Josh with Whitman. Y'all he is so cute and chunky. I love his thighs. And he talks ALL the time (and by talk I mean jabbers, obviously) and it is adorable.

Ronette with Sadie (and Camden and Till)

Aunt Callie and Josh's mom...who doesn't have a name yet. We should probably get her one.

This is Sara, who is about to marry into the family and I am so excited about that. Sadie was VERY content in Sara's arms.

On a totally random note I had to include these...

...aren't they cute? They belong to Emersyn. Such good style she has. :)

I hate that these pictures are so random and don't include everyone. We had a great time on our visit and can't wait to take her back again.