Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nursery Prints

Hello, everyone! I've just returned from vacation so I will be posting about our fun trip in a few days. First I wanted to share something with you.

Before we left to go out of town I ordered some nursery prints for Sadie's room. Let me back up a bit and tell you more of the story.

I've been trying to get Sadie's room decorated. I have several things left to do but I'm almost finished. I bought some floatng shelves to hang on the wall so I needed things to put on them. I decided some neat prints with scripture on them would be perfect to go with a canvas of her newborn photo I ordered. I googled the prints and then I looked on etsy. I found some I really liked but I decided to wait. Several days later I searched again and the ones I really liked at first kept coming back up in my search. I knew they'd be perfect but I wasn't ready to buy yet. I ended up on the seller's blog by way of her etsy shop. I saw a tab on the right that said "The Twins Story" and I clicked on it.

Wow. What a story. I won't give away any details because I want you to read for yourself. I will tell you though when I read one of the twins was named Sadie I knew I had to buy the prints. :) So I did.

I e-mailed Amy at amyjdelightful on etsy and I was impressed from the start. She's the real deal. She obvsiously makes great prints (and other things) but her faith in the Lord is solid. She was an encouragement to my from our first e-mail exchange.

I wanted to share the prints I bought. I'm very excited to put them up. I still need to find frames but I'm looking.

(my favorite and the theme for Sadie's first birthday party)

It is important to me Sadie has TRUTH all around her in the form of scripture. It's a reminder to me to pray them over her. She is fearfully and wonderfully made, God is mighty so save, and He is the light of the world.

You really should check out Amy's store and her blog.


BecomingExcellent said...

Hi Hillary, I've been reading your blog since you announced your pregnancy--found you from Kelly. Our little girl is 1 day older than your Sadie! I just have to comment now. I went to Amy's blog to read her story but got really distracted by reading about her baby boy and something about it sounded familiar...turns out I knew her husband and his family when I was younger and living in that part of the world, such a wonderful family too. It's such a small world! Thanks for sharing this post!

Chocolate Cat said...

You are my Sunshine ..... was sung to my goddaughter Sadie at her 1st Birthday here in Australia, it's a small world isn't it?

Ashley said...

LOVE THOSE! David needs some. But obviously not in pink and blue. : )