Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Que Pasa?

I feel like we are busy all the time these days but I'm not exactly sure what we're doing. I have lots of projects I wanted to get finished before my maternity leave ends but since it ends in less than 4 weeks I'm thinking they aren't going to get finished. Speaking of that can I just say how FAST time is flying by! Oh my word. Sadie is already 8 weeks old and I only have 4 weeks left off with her. Craziness.

I should say the weight loss efforts are very slow. I'm having a hard time getting in the groove. I feel like I'm slowly but surely getting there. I think I thought after I had her I could jump right in and lose all the weight. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Lack of sleep, hormones, and a little stress play a big part in losing weight so it's been a challenge. As things start so settle down I feel like my body will cooperate. It might help if I stop eating brownies too.

I was hoping that while home with Sadie I would be a GREAT housekeeper. HAHAHAHAHA! I don't know what I was thinking. I guess somehow I thought Sadie would only take a little of my time and the rest I could spend doing things around the house and keeping things neat and tidy. Well my sweet baby girl takes ALL MY TIME. Even when she naps I'm busy washing her clothes and washing her bottles. Let me just tell you that those have become two of my least favorite jobs. I'm very task oriented and I like to do something and finish it. It doesn't matter how much laundry I do or how many bottles I wash there is always something dirty before I even get them all clean. It's a vicious cycle. Luckily Josh has decided that washing bottles "isn't so bad" she he has been helping some. Thank goodness.

Guess what I'm still working on? Thank you notes. I know, I know, I'm bad. I couldn't write them while pregnant because I had carpal tunnel and once Sadie got here they were the last thing on my to-do list. Well now I'm stressing to get them written and sent out. I'm praying Sadie naps well today so I can get them finished. I hate that people have given us a gift and have yet to receive a card of thanks. Josh and I have been blown away by every one's generosity and the least I can do is say "thank you."

Last week I started smocking lessons. I will post more about that at another time. I LOVE smocked dressed and bubbles and everything. I really want Sadie to dress like a baby or a little girl and not a teenager BUT dressing a baby like a baby is expensive. I need to be better about going to consignment stores to find things that aren't as expensive. The cheaper things at Target, Walmart, Carter's, etc are all cute but most are very trendy. I don't mind Sadie to wear those things, that's pretty much all she has, but I want her to look like a baby since afterall, she is a baby. :) I decided that maybe if I made and smocked things for her I could cut down on the prices. I'm going to have to be careful though. You can spend as much on fabric and supplies as you can on a dress.

I don't think I ever shared this but a few weeks ago I woke up at midnight with a HORRIBLE pain in my side. I immediately knew what it was...a kidney stone. I got up, started drinking tons of water, and waited to see if it would move. About 3:00 I told Josh we needed to go to the ER. I needed pain meds and even if I could have waited until morning I would have had to get a CT scan done with my doctor so I figured we could get it over with. My parents were very kind to let us bring Sadie over in the middle of the night. Luckily we didn't have to wait that long and I was able to get meds, a CT scan, and be home by around 6:30. I did have one but thank goodness it was small. I knew it was small because I've had big ones before and there's a definite difference. I think at this point I've passed it so I'm feeling a lot better.

I am VERY excited about this weekend. I am going to Northwest Arkansas for my Sip&See. My friend Kelly said from the moment I was pregnant she wanted to give me a shower. Well as most of you know she was pregnant too so I knew trying to do something before our girls arrived seemed unrealistic. We decided it would be best to have a Sip & See so all of my friends could meet Sadie once she was here. Kelly and Laurie are both hostessing the fun event this weekend. I had hoped to be 20 pounds lighter but oh well. I'm glad my friends love me anyway. :) It's going to be so great to see my friends in NWA but also to hang out with some of my Twitter/Blog friends that are coming too. I'm praying Sadie is well behaved. She's been acting a little crazy lately.


megantree said...

I am STILL working on thank you notes. It is HORRIBLE. I am the worst and I apologize profusely when giving the person their card. In fact I still owe you one. SO SORRY!! I'm excited about this weekend! And don't worry, you know I'm also on the "want to lose the baby weight" train!!

Whitney said...

Sadie is so adorable! I know what you mean about losing the baby weight. My son is 3 months and I am following WW online program. In 6 weeks, I have only lost 9 pounds. So frustrating! I figured that was better than gaining 9 pounds. Good luck to you!

walkers said...

She is so beautiful! So happy for you!

Lacy said...

Love the pictures of Miss Sadie she is so gorgeous..

I agree about dressing babies like babies.. :)

Hope you have a great time at your Sip & See..

Brittany..Following my Bliss said...

I just have to tell you, Sadie is beautiful! Just seeing her little face on your blog makes me smile.
Enjoy your sip and see, sounds like a fun time! :)

Summer and Matt said...

Sadie is soooo cute! She is just precious and adorable! She is just beautiful in every picture!

The weight loss after a baby is hard! I gained about 35 lbs with my first and it honestly took me 9 months to get every pound off. It sucked but was so worth the hard work! I did weight watchers and plan to go back after I have my 2nd in a few weeks! I encourage you to keep up the hard work and I promise it will pay off and you will lose the weight!

Bethany said...

I swear you jumped into my brain before you wrote this post. I STILL have thank yous to send as well and I'm extremely task oriented like yourself and can't stand having so many items here that can't ever be DONE. Hang in there; things do get better and easier. There will always be laundry, but I love the saying, "I am thankful for the piles of laundry because it means my loved ones are nearby"--think of that when you see the neverending piles :)

Kim said...

Sadie is so so so cute! I had dinner with Laurie tonight and I was telling her Sadie is one of the cutiest babies I've seen! I love her sweet face!!

Alex and Jill said...

Okay, that first picture of Sadie...LOVE!!!!

You are beautiful, girl. Give your body time to recover...pregnancy is SO HARD on the body.

See you Saturday!! :)

Claire said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the sip and see! What a lovely event it is sure to be!


Newlywed in New York said...

Hillary - I have been following your blog for a while and I follow you on twitter, and I just wanted to share something with you. I know you are sad about leaving Sadie and used to make those baby dresses that were so precious. About a year ago I was in sort of a similar position (no baby though) but I was toying with the idea of working for myself for a variety of reasons. I took the plunge (scariest thing ever), left my well paying job for a part time job, and it was the BEST THING I EVER DID. I look back at a year ago and I just would never in a million years have guessed how well it would turn out. My business became unbelievably successful in a matter of months and I work so many less hours for much more money. Plus, I really enjoy what I do :) You would also be surprised, even if you don't make a ton of money at first, how much you can write off for business expenses. You can write off ALL out of pocket health care costs for your whole family (everything- copays, bandaids, prescription drugs, you name it), part of your home/utilities, your computer, some meals, car stuff, etc. Anyway I just felt led to share this with you in case you are thinking about other options and needed some inspiration. I promise you that if I can do this, anyone can - I had no clients, no advertising, etc. It is such an empowering feeling. Good luck no matter what you do :)