Monday, November 1, 2010


If you haven't received any phone calls, e-mails, mail outs or seen any campaign signs along the streets then you might not know that tomorrow is a big election day. And if you haven't had any phone calls emails, etc then clearly you haven't left your house and you have no phone or internet service. This election campaign has become rather annoying and I for one am glad it will be over with tomorrow. At least for a few months until they start campaign for the 2012 election. Even though the process can be rather annoying I love voting. It makes me feel so proud to be an American. Having the right to choose what I feel is best for myself, my family, and our country is a huge privilege. If you haven't already voted you really should consider it. Even if your "one vote" doesn't matter its your duty as an American to vote. I admit I've missed a few elections since I turned 18 and I'm ashamed of it. I am going to do my best to make sure I vote during all important elections.

This past Friday I went with my parents to early vote. I would have waited until tomorrow but this week is so crazy and I knew there wouldn't be time. A library close to work was an early voting sight so I had in my mind we'd mosey on over there vote and be done. I think a lot of other people had that idea because it took us almost an hour. It would have taken way less time if I had waited for election day. Regardless though we waited in line and eventually cast our votes.

After that long ordeal we had worked up and appetite so my dad treated us to lunch at Bravo's.
It was really good! He even ordered us dessert to share...

...Pumpkin Creme Brulee. It was divine and helped me forget about the long voting line.

Ok....Americans...go vote! I'll be interested to see how this election turns out. And I'll be thrilled to see all the campaign signs come down that are lining every street in the United States.

*The photos were taken with my iPhone which is why they are terrible, no offense iPhone camera.*


Whitney said...

I voted Friday too! I love voting. ha! There wasn't a terribly long line at our court house (but I live in Crawford County!)

Hope you are well!

Ashley said...

I love voting, too! I'm very interested in politics, but I'm not one to freak out if someone I disagree with gets voted into office. I always just remind myself that the next election is right around the corner and we have the privilege to change things! I LOVE being an American! : )

Donna said...

Well, shoot! I'm voting a BIG, long line!! You are lucky! AND even luckier because you got to eat at fun!!

Lauren said...

This is so so important with the times we are living in to get out there adn vote and have a say!! Cast my vote this morning!! :)

Erin said...

Thanks for the reminder. My state (Illinois) allowed early voting by mail this year, so I filled out the ballot at my kitchen table a couple of weeks ago. Kinda weird. :-)

After this campaign season, I'm tempted to throw a party to celebrate its end. It seems like candidates have gotten 10x worse with their mudslinging this time around.