Sunday, April 24, 2011

Since I've Been Home

Friday, April 15th, 2011 I was able to come home from the hospital. My mom cried as we were being wheeled out to our car because she couldn't believe the hospital would let her leave with a baby. She had no clue what to do with me. At least she dressed me all cute before we left.

Since I've been home I've spent lots of time with my Jules and Big D.

They think I'm pretty cute.

I got to meet one of my mommy's favorite friends, Caroline and her mom, Robin. My mom adores Caroline. She says if I could grow up to be as confident, strong, beautiful as she is I will be in good shape. Caroline and her mom came to meet me but also to bring me something very special. Caroline painted this for my nursery.

Isn't it beautiful? Not only that but there was something very special on the back.

She wrote a letter/prayer to me and...

...she prayed scripture over me.

She read it all to me and my mommy cried. (side note, doesn't she look great with the pink boppy?!) Thanks again and again Caroline! We love it and we love you!

Big D came by again to see me.

I have played on my new mat. Mom likes to put me on this for tummy time but I just like to fall asleep when she does that.

I've had my first bath. I'm not really a fan of those. It's just so cold.

I much prefer when it's over and I'm all cozy in my towel.

I met my mom's friend Katie. She's come by twice. Once to meet me and another time to bring dinner. That was very nice of her.

Since I've been home I've gotten to snuggle with my daddy. He's my favorite.

He likes to hold me and rock me when I'm sleepy.

When I'm not being held I like sleeping in my bouncy.

See? I told you he can't get enough me. I think I will use this to my advantage when I get older.

My mom's friend Ashley and her little girl Addi came by to bring us a yummy dinner and to let us borrow a few things. Addi got to "hold" me.

A feast was delivered to our apartment

including dessert, thanks to...

Joy and Jill. They were so sweet to bring 3 gourmet meals and 2 desserts.

Amelia came too. She's so pretty. Thanks again Joy, Jill, and Amelia! You all are so thoughtful.

Since I've been home I've met some of my family. This is my dad's cousin Kylie and her husband Jeremy.

This is Paul and Brian. They are married to...

Jaye and Chelsia. Jaye is my dad's cousin and Chelsia is my aunt. It was so nice meeting them. I can tell I have some great family.

Since I've been home I've had my first bottle. Mommy will post more about that later. I like bottles but I still like to nurse too.

Mommy's friend Katie came by to see me. She's one of mommy's best friends. Thanks for stopping by, Katie!

I've been very busy since I've been home. Mommy will tell you all about how things are going with us soon.


Laura said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures!! She is beautiful!!! I can't wait to see sweet Sadie!

Lacy said...

Love all of the pictures.. Thank you for sharing..

Her little dress she wore home is just precious.. I love little dresses like that.. I'm so happy to see Momma's still dressing little girls in outfits like that.. Makes me not feel so old school when I find little things for my little girl.. :)

Leah said...

She is just stunningly beautiful, Hillary!

Odie Boggs said...

Great post, Sadie, Lol! Welcome to world of blogging. Hope to hear lots from you! :)

Hillary, she is pure sweetness. You have to love babies.


Caroline said...

YOU ARE SOOOOOO SWEET!!!!i love this post and all the others. Sadie is changing so much