Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moved In

I guess you can say we are officially moved in. We still have lots to do at our old and new apartment but at least we are moved in. It feels so good to have a place to bring Sadie home to and not having to worry about moving with a newborn.

I couldn't have done it without these two ladies. Dianne and my mom have done SOOOOOOOOO MUCH to help me and they are still working. In fact, Dianne is going to help hang pictures and shades later today and my mom has spent most of her free time going through boxes and getting things settled. I'm beyond thankful for their help. Josh has been a huge help too. He along with two of our friends, Lloyd and Tim moved everything for us. There were lots of stairs and it was really hot so they worked extra hard. It took them almost 14 hours from start to finish and they did a great job.
There were boxes everywhere. I can't believe how much stuff we had in a TINY apartment. I'm hoping to downsize a few things as time goes on.

This is the dining area. Can't you tell? :) By the end of the day my mom and Dianne had all of these boxes unloaded and moved out. I was amazed. The only room that had several boxes in it still was Sadie's room. I had planned to get it all set up on Saturday but my blood pressure was elevated so I stayed on the couch most of the day. My sweet husband spent then day organizing our closet, bathroom, and bedroom while I supervised. Luckily by Sunday my BP was much better so my mom, dad, and I worked to get Sadie's room cleared of boxes and filled with her things.

Here's a tiny glimpse of what's to come in her nursery. The furniture isn't all in the same spot. It's been rearranged. Her bedding still isn't completely on but she'll be in our room at first anyway. The good news is that everything that was at my parents house of Sadie's is in her room.

Here's one of 4 rooms in my parent's house that was overtaken by nursery things. I know they are thrilled to have it all cleared out.

We are still working hard to get more things settled before she gets here but at this point we're good to bring her home.

I'll leave you with this picture of Josh playing with one of the baby gifts he registered for.

He can't wait until he can see his little lady on that TV screen.


Fran said...

Sooooooo exciting!!!! Love these days momma. New beginnings with His blessings are just flat out good. :)

Lindsay said...

LOVE her room! I can tell it is going to be so sweet! Great job on the bedding!

mbb. said...

so lovely! i keep checking in hoping miss sadie has made her debut...