Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hospital Visitors

Thursday Sadie put on her first bow and embroidered outfit to get ready for visitors to come see her. My mom ordered her gown from my friend Ashley. It's one of our favorites.

Hello, World!

First up was Jules. She came to help out. In fact she's helped out with something or another every day since Sadie has arrived. I don't know what we'd do without her.
Big D also came by on his long lunch break so he could hold her. He has also been able to hold her every day. I'm not sure either one of them will like it when that doesn't happen anymore.

Jenny came by to see Sadie too. She actually came the day she was born to check on us but Sadie hadn't made her debut yet.

Dianne made a couple of visits to the hospital too. I was glad she could see the fruits of all the hard work she did around our apartment. Afterall it was all for Sadie anyway.

Cheri stopped by to see my little love too.

Kathy, Kim, and Mitzi from work came by on their lunch break. It was great to see them but I don't miss work. :)

My friend Shannon drove down all the way from Fayetteville to see Sadie for a while. It was so nice having her there and ended up being a huge blessing. I'm really glad they were able to meet each other so soon. I hope she gets to see a lot more of her.

Sweet Ashley came by to see us too. She's been so great to us the past several days. I appreciate her so much. I KNOW she'll be seeing Sadie a lot.

Karen came by the hospital twice. Who can blame her?! :) Karen is a sweet friend from church so it was great seeing. The second time around she brought her sister Lawanaka and niece Jasmine.

Lawanka wanted to hold her but Jasmine didn't.

Jenny, Todd, Ben, and Luke stopped by too. Sadie's dad doesn't like me to call Luke her boyfriend because he doesn't want her to have a boyfriend (but he is...shhhhh).

This is the first of many pictures to come for these two.

We had some other church friends stop by. I feel AWFUL because the moment they stopped by it wasn't good. I had spiked a high fever and felt terrible. I think at the time they came it was at the height of misery. Because of that they had to stay behind the curtain to see Sadie for just a second. I'm so thankful they were understanding and not upset.
Later that night Mark and Aaron came by. Luckily by that point my first fever had subsided and all was calm.

Josh and I are so thankful for everyone who came by the hospital. We've had several visitors at home that I will share later.


Rebecca said...

I have never commented before, but stumbled upon your blog a couple months ago and have enjoyed following your pregnancy.
Sadie is beautiful! All newborns are sweet but she is beyond sweet, she has the most beautiful face!!

Marcie said...

She is just precious!

Kelly said...

your daughter is seriously the most beautiful newborn i have ever seen,she looks to pretty to be a newborn! congrats on your new edition, baby sadie is darlin' : )

Odie Boggs said...

Welcome to the world Sadie Lauren! Congrats, Hillary, she is precious. Enjoy!


Miranda said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your precious new one! :-) She's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Can I PLEASE ask you where you got her little dress outfit? It's SO cute!

Alex and Jill said...

You had SO MANY visitors!! Love the pic of Sadie and Ben. :)

Donna said...

She sure is darling with that pink bow and LOTS of visitors! Guess that means lots of LOVE!!

Sara said...

Congrats on sweet Sadie:)