Tuesday, August 7, 2012

15 Months Old

 July 13, 2012

Sadie. you are 15 months old. WOW! Although you are technically a toddler now you will always be my baby. I can't believe you are already so grown up. You are walking, running, climbing, and just moving and a shaking. I feel like the last 15 months have just gone by in an instant and I want to freeze time.

You are a lot of fun. You have definitely shown your "motivated" (a friend suggested this term as opposed to strong-willed) side . You really enjoy testing your boundaries. Oh and you love to scream. And whine, You actually have a whiny scream. These sort of things aren't tolerated though so you're learning.

Back to the fun part. You really are a blast. I call you a ham all the time because you are constantly doing the most bizarre and funny things. You do not lack personality. I am told all the time how much people love your MANY facial expressions. It's true. You have a lot.

You are currently into everything. Everything in sight is a toy and you make it your mission to explore it. You are the happiest when we are in a large area and you can run until your short little legs can't carry you any further. This is one reason you love church. You get so excited when we pull into the parking lot. I like to think it is because you love Jesus but I know it is because you love all the freedom.

You are also quite the talker. You have said lots of words from a very early age. It has just been your thing. Now you repeat everything. Your favorite things to say now are: there ya go, all gone, no more, bless you (when someone sneezes), thank you, see ya, etc. You have this funny excited "Yay" you yell when I ask you things like, "do you want applesauce? Do you want to watch Dora? Do you want to go bye-bye? Do you want some yum-yum?" It is as if whatever I have suggested is the best thing you could ever imagine.
Your favorite toys these days are your golf clubs, fisher price kitchen, baby, baby stroller, baby high chair, Olivia, and every stuffed animal you can find. You are OBSESSED with books. You love to "read" them to yourself and you love to have them read to you. You also enjoy playing in the laundry room with the measuring cups, etc. Laundry has become one of your favorite chores. You are a big help. :) You help put the things from the washer into the dryer. You are very proud of yourself. Mommy is proud of you too.

Some other tidbits:
*You weigh around 26lbs and are 30" tall
*You wear size 18month clothes, size 3 shoe, and size 4 diaper
*You sleep from 7:30 or 8:00 to between 7:00 and 8:00
*You take 2 naps still unless it is a school day then you just take one in the afternoon
*You will only drink milk and water
*You prefer fruits and vegetables over any other food
*After those you love pizza and cheese the best
*You are still obsessed with your Jules but you are a daddy's girl too. You love momma, of course, but I'm third
*You love Nick Jr. You don't watch it all the time but you would if I'd let you. Jules lets you watch it all day which is one reason she is your favorite. :)
*You are a dancing machine. You have better moves than some grown adults. Your daddy and I laugh at you all the time

I can't believe how much you've changed in a year. You don't like to sit still long enough to have your picture taken either. It's ok though. You are still full of smiles. You are the sweetest, most wonderful baby. I am in awe of the blessing I have in you. Your daddy and I think you are it. We don't deserve you but we love you.


Lacy said...

She is just the cutest..

I am curious how you got her to stop screaming. Or how you are working on it. Chelsi has started it. So ear piercing and it's only when she is in her highchair or we are in the car. I'll have to email you for tips. :)