Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Crew

I want you to meet some of Sadie's crew. Really I just want to remember her sweet night-night "friends" so I decided I'd bore you all with an introduction. Sadie has a few sleeping buddies.

This is Bunny. Sadie loves Bunny. You can't really tell in the picture but Bunny's ears are slightly damaged from all the chewing. She chews on his ears constantly.

This is Mr. Frog. He is her buddy. Many times I catch her swinging him around by the arm or leg when she is supposed to be sleeping. He provides great entertainment for her.

This is squeaky bunny. This little guy might be her favorite although it doesn't get as much attention as it used to. She thinks this bunny is so funny and this little love had helped capture smiles during picture taking. She also chews on the ears and tosses it around.

These 3 buddies are her crib buddies. They are with her for all her naps and at bedtime. She also has some type of teething ring in there at all times. I hoped it might give the others a break.

I couldn't leave out her changing table buddy. Sadie is a wild animal when I change her diapers, clothes, whatever. This little guy helps distract her.

We are very thankful for him and for Christian chicken. :)


Diane said...

How sweet! We have several distraction toys for Michael, too. They come in handy!

pamk said...

Here's a hint for diaper changing time that has worked for me! Keep a roll of scotch tape on the changing table. Tear off a piece and hand it to Sadie when you are ready to start changing. You would be surprised how intent a baby can get on exploring with that sticky little piece of tape in their fingers!

Ashley Baker said...

My son has a little giraffe and monkey. So cute.