Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding Festivities

I'm back!!! Oh what a glorious time! The wedding was pretty much perfect and the honeymoon was divine. Thank you for your sweet comments! I'm going to do my best to capture some of the wedding festivities with pictures. CAUTION: A VERY long post!!!!
When: September 19, 2008
Where: The Lodge at Mt. Magazine, Paris, AR
Colors: Green apple, black, and white
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting my nails and toes done.

Shannon getting hers done too!

Dinner at the Lodge

View from our cabin at Mt. Magazine

Relaxing in the hot tub

Mom and Dad

Shannon helping to fill the bags for our hotel guests

All ready to go!

Gifts for my bridesmaids and friends

Thursday, September 18, 2008

After breakfast Shannon and I took a hike up to the tallest point in Arkansas.

At the County Clerks Office getting our license

In front of the Lodge

Josh getting the sound set up for rehearsal

Setting up the tea lights

Before the rehearsal

The bag piper came to the rehearsal and played through all the music. He did a fantastic job.

Me and Katie

Me, Kelly...and Harper!

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner was at a pavilion on top of the mountain. The weather was wonderful and the food was great. We had a really good time. The ladies did such a great job getting everything set up.

Josh's new family.

My family...Josh's new family.

Me and Holly

Justin and Holly...aren't they cute?

Josh and I...aren't we cute? :)

Josh's grandparents

Two Groomsmen (Josh's Cousins) and their families.

Brenda, Linda, and Dianne. COULD not have had the wedding without them. They did so much to help us and I'm so very thankful!! Thanks again, y'all!

Uncle Dale and Dad

Tracey and Laura. Laura was my "go-to" person the entire weekend. She made sure everything ran smoothly and she did a great job. She also helped me plan the wedding along the way. Her husband Tracey was a big help as well. Thanks you guys!

Shannon and Mike. Mike performed our ceremony and did a WONDERFUL job! His wife Brooke wasn't able to make it to the rehearsal. They were the ones who did our marriage counseling and taught us everything they know. :)

More groomsmen...Brad and Jesse

Even more groomsmen...Josh's cousins, Ashley and Logan

Ashley and Holly. Ashley was also a HUGE help! I put her in charge of a lot of things on the day of the wedding and she came through big time. Thanks, Ashley!

Jean jacket girls!
Lingerie Shower

Soon after we got back to the cabin after the rehearsal I received this beautiful bouquet from my florist! He did such a good job! All the flowers for the wedding and reception were perfect!

Kelly brought these great petit fours for my lingerie shower. Thanks, Kelly! You're the best!

My friends and family got me so many great things! I love them all!
Friday, September 19, 2008

Rise and Shine!

Bridesmaids Breakfast

The Bridesmaid's breakfast was at my mom's cabin. Again, the ladies did a great job setting everything up and preparing the food. It was perfect!

My friend Holly got me this gown to wear. Isn't she nice?

My beautiful bridesmaids!!

Linda, Brenda, Mom, Laura, Dianne

My friend Megan came all the way from Winston-Salem, NC to be with me on my wedding day! Thanks, Megs!!!!

Hanging outside, enjoying the view.
Time to get ready!

Emily is getting started on my hair.

Rollers in!

Rollers out! Yikes!

Holly putting makeup on Heather.

Ashley putting makeup on Holly.

Before the wedding!

Mine and Katie's friends, Jenny and Laura. I'm so glad they were able to be there. They are very special to me!!

It's complete...the four of us are now all married. We've been in each other's weddings and had our picture taken at each one. Kelly has them all on display at her house. I need to do the same!
Pictures before the wedding

Josh and I opted to see each other before the wedding so that we could get all our pictures done. It was such a good idea! Seeing him made my nerves ease up. Not to mention we were able to go straight to the reception after the ceremony.

Bride and Groom

The wedding party. My friend Ashley took this picture and I LOVE it. Black and white photo with green flowers.

My family.

I really like this picture too!

You may kiss the bride. Woohoo!!!

Guest book table. They put my portrait in the reception room before the ceremony because it was at the guest book table by mistake.

Some of the tables at green apples for centerpieces the others had flower arrangements. It was so pretty!

Punch Buffet

Cutting the cupcake. We didn't have a groom's cake but had candy instead...turtles, carmels, fudge, gourmet peanut butter cups, etc. I'm sorry I don't have a picture!

Gettin' jiggy wid'it.
We had a photo booth at the wedding which was a lot of fun! I'm supposed to get those pictures e-mailed to me so when I do I will share some.

See ya later!
We had the best weekend!!! Everything was perfect! Well, the only thing that went wrong is that no one took programs. Not sure why but we have a ton of them left. I'm so thankful though! Of all the things to go wrong that was very minor. The LORD blessed us throughout the whole weekend and we're truly blessed. We just got back from Hawaii yesterday. I hope to post pictures from our trip soon!


Laurie said...

WONDERFUL post. Longest one I have ever seen! The black and white pictures are so cool!

Kelly said...

YOur wedding was perfect!!!!! I loved every minute of it.
But I might kill you for putting those breakfast pictures on here. I literally look like I weigh 300 pounds. If I wasn't pregnant and had an excuse I might jump off a ledge.
Thank you for letting me be apart of your big day! I can't wait to see pics of my favorite place on earth!!!! Now you know why we love it so much!

Melissa said...

YAY!!! Everything looked great! I'm so happy for you it's finally over :) Good luck after all the commotion dies down!

Amber said...

I have been following your blog for awhile, but have never commented. Your wedding was gorgeous!! And so were you! So excited for you as you start a life with Josh. Many blessings...Amber

Shannon said...

Everything was so perfect!!! It was all so beautiful! Can't wait to see the Maui pics!!!

Taylor said...

Yay! The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I think it was perfect!! I'm glad you guys made it back safe from your honeymoon! Hope to see you soon. Love ya!

Megan said...

I love all of your pictures. What a great post! It looks like you and Josh had a beautiful wedding. I can't wait to see your pics from Maui-I love that place! Isn't it a drag to come back and have to go to work. But it is fun to be home-with each other.

kacysuzanne said...

Congratulations! The wedding was beautiful. Enjoy married life!

Shannon said...

That whole weekend was wonderful! I am glad that everything went so well and that you and Josh were really able to enjoy it. I can't wait to see the Hawaii pictures!

RRR said...

Your wedding looked wonderful! Congrats and I can't wait to see pictures from Hawaii! I'm sure I'll wish I was back there!

His Doorkeeper said...

Hillary, Your wedding was wonderful! I loved everything about it! You looked perfect...beautiful dress!

Happy marriage and blessings to you and Josh as you begin your married life!

Joyce said...

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous!! What a beautiful setting. You both looked great. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from Hawaii! Glad you had fun and made it back safe and sound. I hope you have a very long and happy marriage! Love ya, Joyce

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I found your blog through Kelly's. I love wedding pictures, so it was so fun to look at your's.

Congratulations! Enjoy married's fabulous!! :)

Jenn said...

Congratulations! I came across your blog through the LPM blog a few months back and have enjoyed seeing your preparations for your gorgeous wedding! It was beautiful!

Jordan said...

Congratulations! Your wedding was beautiful as were you! Good luck in married life! :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so, so, so happy that the wedding was a huge success. There are so many things you did that I am taking note of when my friend Meag gets married ;)!

Love the colors and the pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi! First time commenter here too. (I'm a Kelly's Korner fan, so of course I had to come check out your beautiful wedding photos!) Just wanted to say Congratulations to you! It looks like you had a beautiful wedding! Looking at them brought back all the excitement from my own wedding! Best wishes for a wonderful marriage!

Amanda said...

I also came over from Kellyskorner to check out your pics! They are all so good! You had a bunch of super cute ideas and it was all beautiful! Congratulations!

Katie said...

YEA! You are back! I love the pics. Your wedding could not have been more perfect or beautiful!

You were a gorgeous bride!!

walkers said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE IT! you were a radiant bride. i am so glad that you are married hil, you will be the best wife! thought about you on your day and knew it would be perfect and so full of hillaryisms:) no little mermaid though?

Virginia said...

Hey Mrs. Bazyk! I love the wedding pics, what an amazing view. Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion and catching up!

Julie said...

Congratulations Hillary!! Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous!! I loved the view and I loved every picture of the two of you! So nice!!

Staci said...

Thank you for sharing! I loved everything about your wedding: the colors, all the little special touches you added, and especially the photo booth!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

Congratulations :)

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love the colors. The view was incredible!

So what did you do for the bridesmaids gifts? I have a friend getting married and she's looking for some tips.

Leigh Ann said...

You were a GORGEOUS bride, Hillary. What a perfect location, too. It looks like it was the perfect day! I saw you in the paper and loved reading all the details.