Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lots of Grass and a Shower

This weekend Josh came up to Fayetteville early to help me with my yard. It has been growing a lot lately but since my mower is broken I have been unable to do anything about it. Josh brought one up and took care of it for me. He's my hero!

Then on Saturday Josh and I had our first wedding shower. It was a family shower so guys and girls were invited. We had a great time and got lots of great gifts.

This is my grandmother and her two sisters.

My grandmother got me the cupcake pan from William Sonoma. I was so excited!

We got 8 sets (of one) of our everyday dinnerware. Josh and I are both excited about these. We got 2 yellow, 2 green, and 4 red.
I think everyone should know that even though the shower was for Josh and I we were not the star of the show. That award goes to my cousin Grace.

Here she is playing with some of my presents. Isn't she cute?

I'm sorry I don't have more pictures of my family to show you. My dad was in charge of the picture taking and let's just say he has other things he's good at! :)

Also, earlier in the week my mom sent me these:

Aren't the pretty? I have the best mom in the world!!


Kelly said...

You've already gotten a lot of presents and that is just one shower!!!!! You are going to have a TON!!!!!
Josh is the greatest!

Megan said...

Yaay for wedding showers! Your cousin Grace is a cutie pie.

Megan L Hutchings said...

Josh is so sweet to cut your grass! I am so excited for you that the showers have begun!!!!

Katie said...

Fun first shower!

Leah said...

I was totally blog hopping around, and came across your page. I was thinking "I'm sure I don't know her, but it seems like every time I look at someone's page that I don't know, I find something in common."

Well, I did...

Your cousin Grace?!?!?! Joyce (Grace's Nana) is one of my good friends from J.O. Kelly! I've heard Joyce and Taylor talk about "Hillary" many, many times!!!

Small world. I love Joyce and Taylor. Joyce is like a mother to me! I also am borrowing TONS of Grace's cute clothes!

Leigh Ann said...

Wedding showers are SO fun! Enjoy every minute! Looks like you are already racking up!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful flowers! Grace is a cutie!

Staci said...

How fun! I love the cupcake pan!

Erica Powell said...

my stepmom just got that same cake pan. way cute.