Friday, October 17, 2014

Unexpected Fun with Friends

Earlier this week a friend of mine asked me if I could watch her 3 year old little boy for short time. At first I didn't think I would be able to but I made it work. Sadie loves Luke and I knew she would enjoy playing with him.
 Luke and Sadie are first friends. They are exactly 5 weeks apart. I love their sweet little friendship.
 We went outside on the deck for a few minutes. It was a beautiful day.
 Sophie was obsessed with the wind blowing the trees. She loved it and would have stayed out there all day if I had let her.
 Luke and Sadie were given the job of throwing all the acorns off the deck. Sophie liked to put them in her mouth, of course, and I am not a fan of digging things out anymore with all those teeth.
 Three of my favorites.

 After our little fun outside the older two went to play in Sadie's room and this one put on a show. Her big sister doesn't let her play with her toys very much so she loved the time she had with them while big sis was distracted.

Perhaps I have another performing in the making.
We had so much fun with Luke and can't wait for him to come over and play again!