Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Latest Loves

My loves.

I love going to the Farmers' Market with my people.

I love dressing my girls alike.

And I love taking their pictures.

I love crazy baby hair.

I don't love all the craziness my littlest gets into.

I love this girl and this face.

Look familiar?!

Oh, there it is again.

And again!

I love this big girl and seeing how independent she is becoming.

I love to watch her play at the park.

I love that Sophie wants to spend all her time with Sadie and Sadie wants to spend all her time alone.

I love that this nugget loves books too.

I love strawberry shortcake.

I love pictures taken in the bathroom.

I love that Sadie is big enough to walk alongside me in the store.

I love shopping with my little ladies.

I love my life. I'm blessed.