Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beach Babes 2014 Part 1

I have 1000 pictures from our beach trip on my real camera but who has time to go through all those?! I will just work through my 250 phone pictures.

Last week we went on a trip with some family and friends. It was so much fun!

This will be phone picture overload so fasten your sear belts.

On the road and ready to go!

A few stops along the way, traffic, and 12.5 hours later we made it.

Sophie was not a fan of the sand. At all.

This is where she slept. PTL for a big closet so we could all rest at night. She loved her "room" and did great!

I couldn't love a view more. The beach/ocean is my happy place.

My bed buddy for the week since daddy stayed home.

Ahhh....pajamas on the deck.

This little lady started out spending all her pool time on the steps.

This love enjoyed the water so much.

Sweet Sophie loved the balcony. So peaceful.

Dining with a view.

Sadie loved the balcony too. The rocking chairs made for a great spot.

Unfortunately Sophie wasn't feeling well and ended up with a high fever and at the Urgent Care. She was pitiful but we got her all fixed up.

While mommy was with little sister, big sister played in the sand. And loved it.

And slept in a new bed so that she wouldn't be scared since we didn't return until late.

Cute girls.

Here is my girl that wouldn't leave the steps. So proud. But just wait, it gets better later...

I will post part 2, IPhone-style soon!


michelle ellis said...

Such cute girls!

Alex and Jill said...

I can't wait for our beach vacay!!

Love the pics. So glad you guys were able to go with your family.