Sunday, July 29, 2012

Change of Plans

I've learned a few things since I became a mom and one of those is how plans change. I am a planner and I operate much better when things go according to that plan. How quickly a sick baby can change things.
Sadie has been sick for a few weeks now. It started out as teething (top molars) then she got a virus, and now we're back to teething (canines). I should mention she is the slowest teether. They will swell and cause problems but not cut through for months. She started having problems with all 4 molars on her birthday and she just now has all 4.
Anyway....all that to say I've had a lot of plans in the last few weeks and few have happened.

Sweet sick baby in mis-matched pjs and sweaty bed-head.

The only "good" thing about being sick is the cuddle time.

She loved being cuddled or just relaxing and watching "Doh-rah" (Dora).

She did perk up for an Oreo

But was back to her pitiful self soon.

Luckily she has started feeling better the last few days. She still isn't completely herself

butbshe feels well enough to climb in her jumperoo by herself.
I don't like it when plans change. I was supposed to have a fun girls weekend in Dallas but decided not to go so I could stay home with my babe. I was so disappointed but I'm a momma first. My plans changed but the Lord blessed me with a fun weekend at home. Sadie felt so much better yesterday so we went to lunch and ran a few errands.

Sadie loves pizza. Loves it. I knew a pizza lunch was just what she needed. After lunch we went to Joann's so I could look at fabric. Sweet Josh chased Sadie all over that store. While standing in line I could hear her giggling and running all over the place. Music to my ears.
I'm thankful Sadie is much better. We go back to the doctor tomorrow for her well visit so hopefully all will be well.

Note: I know there is an outlet near her jumperoo in one picture. I move her away from it when plays. I also know her carseat chest strap is lower than it should be in the last picture set. I was sitting in the back with her since she was still eating so I was able to raise it.


Laura said...

We missed you! I'm already looking forward to the next one we plan!

Heather said...

Sadie is just ADORABLE! :)

Bethany said...

My little Bristol loves pizza too :) Can't blame these little ones--it's delicious!

I'm glad Sadie seems to be on the mend. Hang in there--better times are ahead!