Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fabulous Friday

What a great Friday I had!

  1. I love Fridays because either I go see Josh or he comes to see me! This week was his turn.

  2. I had Chick-fil-A for lunch. A chicken sandwich and small waffle fries to be exact. Fridays are my diet cheat day and I had myself a good ole time!

  3. I got a new blog look! Thanks to FabulousKDesigns I am a new woman! Seriously, I just love it! I look at it all the time! It's so me! She did a great job! Kelly has become a new friend of mine through blog land. She's great! You should check her out!

  4. I got a new calender. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know my favorite food is cupcakes. Well this calendar was half off at Barnes & Noble and I just had to have one. It has great cupcakes and even the recipes. Woohoo!

  5. I got a new journal. I've never been much of a journal person. I always have good intentions but I never see it through. I've decided this year would be a great year to document. So while at Barnes & Noble I picked on up.

  6. On the way home Josh and I stopped by one of my favorite places, Maggie Moos. I told you already, Friday is cheat day. Anyway, I got my usual, chocolate better batter ice cream with brownies. Delee!!!


Leigh Ann said...

I love your new blog look. Soooo cute! And, I would give my right arm for that ice cream right now! Ha!

Kelly said...

Oh that is a WONDERFUL friday and I love the new blog look! So YOU!!!!!

Kelly said...

Cupcakes, Chick-fil-a and ice cream...That is a fabulous Friday!!

I am SO glad you love your layout. It's one of my new favs!

JC was fine this week... it was more of a "see how much damage I did over the holidays" weigh in 'cause I had not weighed in 2 weeks! I bought that cookbook--can't wait to try it! :)

His Doorkeeper said...

Your new blog look is sooo cute!