Sunday, January 27, 2008

Birthdays, Brownies, Brides, and Buses

Saturday night we had a little birthday celebration for our friend Justin! Holly went to lots of trouble and got some already made brownies at Wal-Mart and blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream. If you ask me I think that's a delicious idea for a birthday party! And it sure was!

Josh, Justin, and Tim

Tim, Heidi, Shannon, and Holly

What a great action shot!!
A lot of the evening was spent in front of the computer laughing at YouTube videos. We had a fun evening! Feel free to have a birthday again soon, Justin!
Today was another fun adventure. My sister, Shannon, and I went to Fort Smith to a bridal fair. When I registered they gave me a "Bride" sticker to wear.

We had a lot of fun at the event! I got some great ideas and there was lots of food to taste test. Of course I hung around the dessert stations and I was not disappointed. Great cake and a great chocolate fountain.

As my sister was dropping us off at my car we realized we were behind a rather interesting tour bus! We followed it into the Cracker Barrel parking lot and sat waiting to see is someone "special" came out. We sat there for what seemed like forever but finally gave up when it became apparent the driver made a call in order and the "special" people on the bus weren't going to get out. So naturally I had my sister pull up next to it so I could take a picture of the bus.


Kelly said...

Oh my - hope you got lots of good ideas at the bridal fair and it's too bad you didn't see Kenny Chesney. That's funny that he was getting food from cracker barrell.

Fran said...

You crack me up! I'm glad you had a fun weekend. Have ya'll set a date for the wedding? I bet you have and I missed it.

Have a great day Hillary!
You are so blessed. Enjoy every moment.
Love, Fran

Megan said...

Those Bridal Fairs are so fun. I can't believe you saw Kenny's bus! I was at Cracker Barrell on Sunday (the one in NLR).

Jessica said...

I love the picture of you with the sticker! I also love the green color of the walls at Justin's party! Pretty!

Staci said...

Wow! I would have put on some apron and delivered the food to the bus myself!! How fun!

The Bunch Fam! said...

Hillary, that reminds me when we saw NSYNC standing outside the area and screamed like little girls!!! Kenny was really missing out! =)

Shannon said...

I'm sure that your blog has been overloaded with comments from attractive, single men and you have just hidden them to keep from embarassing me. Because that picture of me at the Bridal Fair is HOTTTT!!! Seriously, what was up with my hair!?!?! I can't believe you let me out of the car looking like that! Much less take a picture stuffing my face! HA!!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

My FAVE dessert is brownies with ice cream! Why is it SO good?!